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2023 Psalms & Hymns
by Josh Espinosa on December 27th, 2022
The 2023 Psalms & Hymns are available now. They can be accessed in the IPC App as well as in the Resources tab on our website. All 12 months of audios along with a booklet can be accessed and used in your family worship or memorization....  Read More
Level 1 Memorization
by Josh Espinosa on December 27th, 2022
An audio version of the Level 1 Memorization can now be accessed in our IPC App as well as accessed under the Resources tab on our website. The words for this are found in our Children's Ministry page....  Read More
Fall Family Night 2022
by Josh Espinosa on October 17th, 2022
Monday, October 31, 5:00-7:00  Read More
2022 Summer Sunday School Quarter for Children
by Josh Espinosa on May 31st, 2022
Children’s Sunday School for Summer Quarter:PreK: God Keeps His Promises with Mrs. Sharon Robinson and Mrs. Tracy WoodKindergarten: God Keeps His Promises with Mrs. Judy Daniell and Mrs. Tamara Thompson1st and 2nd Grade: Growing in God with Mrs. Ginger Thompson and Mrs. Lucy Biemiller3rd and 4th Grade: Trusting God with Miss Kirstie Brodmann and Mrs. Liz Brodmann5th Grade: Genesis Survey with Mrs....  Read More
RSVP to the 2022 Pancake Breakfast
by Josh Espinosa on March 24th, 2022
RSVP to the annual Pancake Breakfast & Egg Hunt by clicking on the image or the link. ...  Read More
Rebecca Amy Reeder Martin
by Josh Espinosa on January 2nd, 2020
Twenty-one years ago Amy came to my office with an agenda. She was dressed for business, equipped with a clip-board, and well organized. She launched into a review of our Sunday School, its strengths and weaknesses. She described what we needed to do to improve, including finding a person to oversee the children’s ministry. Then came the punchline: “I’m that person.”Frankie Daniell tells the story...  Read More