2024 Spring Sunday School Quarter


Teacher: Mr. Matthew Burt  Age: 70's  Room: Garmer Room (Axson, 3rd Floor)
Subject: "Medieval Church History"
Many Evangelicals tend to think of the era of Church history between the death of Augustine of Hippo in A.D. 430 and Martin Luther's theological discoveries in the early 1500s as a dark void. On the contrary, these "Middle Ages" set the stage for the world as we know it: intellectually, theologically, and politically. We will study philosophy and spirituality of the several thinkers and theologians that set the stage for the Reformation--and our own spirituality today.


Teacher: Mr. Bruce Willson  Age: Late 50's to 60's  Room: Whitaker Bldg., 1st Floor
Subject: "The Trinity"
In the mystery of the Godhead, the person and ministry of the Holy Spirit are often misunderstood, and frankly, in certain circles, misrepresented. Come and join us as we look deeply into this glorious third person of the Trinity.


Teacher: Mr. Alex Sutherland  Age: 40's and 50's  Room: Emmaus Room (Admin Bldg., 2nd Floor)
Subject: "Principles from American Presbyterian History"
Our Presbyterian tradition has a long and rich history in America from great theologians and pastors to important debates and events. As Presbyterian Christians today it is essential for us to know our history and to learn from it. So in this class we will seek to draw principles and lessons from the people, debates, and events of American Presbyterianism in the hope that we will grow in our understanding of what it means to be faithful Presbyterians today.


Teacher: Mr. John Breckenridge  Age: 30's and 40's  Room: Whitaker Bldg., 4th Floor
Subject: "Christianity and Liberalism, 100 Years On"
J. Gresham Machen saw devastation on the horizon for the American Church and tried to warn believers to stand strong in his classic book, Christianity and Liberalism. We will examine the issues and personalities that dominated Machen’s era and find applications for our own times, so that we, like Machen, can live confidently and courageously in light of Gospel truths.

New Covenant

Teacher: Mr. Matthew Mullininx  Age: 20's and 30's  Room: #31 (Axson Bldg., 3rd Floor)
Subject: "Doctrine of God and Doctrine of Man"
We will study who God is as he has revealed himself through his incommunicable and communicable attributes. We will then see how we as his image bearers were created to live in light of who God is and what it means to be human.


Teacher: Mr. Tim Shaw  Age: 20's  Room: #36 (Axson Bldg., 3rd Floor)
Subject: "1 Samuel"
Murder, intrigue, insanity, heroes, villians, espionage, survival: what would God have us to learn from the stories of Saul's downfall and David's rise? God's people need leadership, and God raises it in the most ironic and foreshadowing of ways.


Teacher: Mr. Evan Gear  Age: Undergraduate  Room: Parlor, Hull St. Bldg.
Subject: "'Social Justice' and the Prophet Micah"
"Do justly... love mercy... and walk humbly..." these are words often quoted. Echoed by politicians and social activists, they convey concepts that are universally acknowledged to be worthy of our attention. They were written by Micah, a Jewish prophet sometime in the 8th century BC. Come learn what God, the Holy Spirit means to say to us through his inspired words.

High School

Teacher: Mr. Frankie Daniell  Topic: Westminster Confession of Faith

Middle School

Teachers: Mr. Terry Johnson and Mr. Kenneth Crowe  Topic: Westminster Shorter Catechism

Children's Sunday School

PreKindergarten: (Axson Bldg., 1st Floor)  First Catechism - Questions 29-46 with Mrs. Allison Kelly and Mrs. Rachel Carpenter
Kindergarten: (Axson Bldg., 1st Floor) First Catechism - Questions 29-46 with Mrs. Winn Morgan and Mrs. Caroline Johnson
1st and 2nd Grade: (Axson Bldg., 3rd Floor, Room #33) First Catechism - Questions 109-150 with Mrs. Ginger Thompson and Mrs. Laura Kate Mathews
3rd and 4th Grade: (Axson Bldg., 3rd Floor, Room #32) First Catechism - Questions 109-150 with Mr. Garry McKee and Mrs. Jamie McKee