Parking in Savannah can be challenging. We are continually having to adapt to the changes. To help with parking for our Sunday services and weekly programs, we have a lot located off of W. Oglethorpe Lane that accommodates 16 vehicles. These are generally made available to those with mobility issues. On Sundays, we have 9 blue-coned spaces on W. Oglethorpe Ave. beside our campus. On Sundays, all public parking downtown on the street is free of charge as well as at the Savannah Civic Center (when available). City owned garages do offer for the first 3 hours free parking until 2:00 p.m. then a minimal flat rate after your 3rd hour or after 2:00; this ranges from $1-$3. The Savannah Civic Center lot is also free when it is not otherwise being rented for an event. Even then, you can pay to park in the lot, to remain convenient to the church. Due to the increase in Savannah’s population and popularity, we find ourselves with the challenge of locating parking in a convenient proximity to our downtown campus. Because of these new challenges, we regret having to suggest this but it is typical for downtown churches such as Park Street in Boston, Tenth Presbyterian in Philadelphia, Fourth Presbyterian in Chicago, and Park Cities in Dallas, to utilize downtown paid parking services such as city-owned or private garages and lots. The Liberty Parking Garage across the street from SoHo (corner of Whitaker and Liberty) offers Sunday rates of: $2.50 for the first hour and $1.25 each hour thereafter; and the parking lot next to SoHo Cafe offers Sunday rates of $4.00 for the first hour and $1.00 each hour thereafter and $15.00 all day.