Generations Yet Unborn

Psalm 78:6

For us to keep pace with our spiritual ancestors and Savannah’s ongoing growth it will be necessary for us to dig deeply into our pockets and give sacrificially. We will need both the “widow’s mite” and the deep pockets of the “Rich Young Ruler.”
Let each one of us ask: With what measure of wealth has God entrusted me? What am I to do with it? What are my priorities? What will be my legacy? Will I lay up treasures on earth or in heaven? Together let’s lay a foundation for the well-being of our church for decades to come
. - TLJ

How can we participate?

Give Today

If you are able to give today to this campaign, please click here. If you wish to give stock or by some other means, please contact Josh Espinosa.

3 Year Pledge

Through March 2026, what can you/your family pledge towards this endeavor. You may use this link to share with us what you are prayerfully committing to.