Weddings at Independent Presbyterian

Our beautiful city is a wedding destination for many. Our historic, simple, elegant sanctuary is an attractive venue for that special day. We trust you will understand that our policy limits weddings at Independent Presbyterian Church to members and their children. Let us explain.

Our conviction is that couples ought to marry in the church to which they are committed. From that church they are most likely to receive premarital pastoral counsel and oversight. Once married, it is from that church that they are most likely to continue to receive oversight, support and care. We believe that we are only able to give proper care and attention to those couples who will continue as members of our church. Our advice to those who are not members of our church is to marry where they plan to become members, and receive from there the support and care that they need.

Marriage is a big decision. Marriage commitments are trivialized by the ease with which divorces take place in our day. Our goal is to make marital collapse and dissolution less likely by ensuring that couples marrying get the pastoral care they need before and after they marry. Our way of doing so is to encourage couples to marry in the church in which they belong, and that they be married by their own pastors. A booklet is available on this topic at our bookshop which may be picked up Monday through Friday at the church office.