2023-24 Winter Sunday School Quarter


Teacher: Mr. Bob Ellis  Age: 70's  Room: Garmer Room (Axson, 3rd Floor)
Subject: "The Time of Our Life"
Time is an essential dimension of God's creation, a measure of this life allotted to each of us and an unrelenting flow ever forward. It so challenges our comprehension that Moses and David both prayer for a better sense of it. This class will pursue a Scriptural understanding, an obedient stewardship, and a grateful appreciation of time.


Teacher: Mr. Matthew Burt  Age: Late 50's to 60's  Room: Whitaker Bldg., 1st Floor
Subject: "Introduction to Theology"
What do we believe? Why do we believe? How can we know what to believe? This course will seek to answer these basic questions and will serve as the foundation of our understanding of all that theology entails. Our goal is to show that theology is not mere academics. It is an eminently practical discipline that allows us to build a consistent and integrated biblical view of all of life. Our desire in this course is to become confident biblical theologians.


Teacher: Mr. Matthew Mullininx  Age: 40's and 50's  Room: Emmaus Room (Admin Bldg., 2nd Floor)
Subject: "Doctrine of God and Doctrine of Man"
We will study who God is as he has revealed himself through his incommunicable and communicable attributes. We will then see how we as his image bearers were created to live in light of who God is and what it means to be human.


Teacher: Mr. Bruce Willson  Age: 30's and 40's  Room: Whitaker Bldg., 4th Floor
Subject: "The Holy Spirit"
In the mystery of the Godhead, the person and ministry of the Holy Spirit are often misunderstood and frankly, in certain circles, misrepresented. Come and join us as we look deeply into this glorious third person of the Trinity.

New Covenant

Teacher: Mr. Tim Shaw  Age: 20's and 30's  Room: #31 (Axson Bldg., 3rd Floor)
Subject: "1 Samuel"
Murder, intrigue, insanity, heroes, villians, espionage, survival: what would God have us to learn from the stories of Saul's downfall and David's rise? God's people need leadership, and God raises it in the most ironic and foreshadowing of ways.


Teacher: Mr. Alex Sutherland  Age: 20's  Room: #36 (Axson Bldg., 3rd Floor)
Subject: "The Lord's Prayer"
In this class, we will seek to deepen our prayer lives by studying the model and form of prayer given by Jesus. We will think about what prayer is and the spiritual outlook that we ought to bring into prayer. We will also study each of the petitions from the Lord's Prayer so that we will know better what we should be praying for. All of this we will discuss to the end that Christ might greatly enrich our prayer lives both individually, in our families, and corporately as a church.


Teacher: Mr. Evan Gear  Age: Undergraduate  Room: #72 (Admin Bldg., 2nd Floor)
Subject: "2 Corinthians"
Written a mere 25 years after the death and resurrection of Christ, this letter from the apostle Paul is a glimpse into the life and belief of the early Christian church. Not only that, it has much to teach us about what it means to be a disciple in these last days, days we share with the apostle and the church at Corinth. Come join us as we learn about the comfort of the Holy Spirit, the nature of the New Covenant, what it means to bear the cross, and the delight it is to generously give.

High School

Teacher: Mr. Frankie Daniell  Topic: Westminster Confession of Faith

Middle School

Teachers: Mr. Terry Johnson and Mr. Kenneth Crowe  Topic: Westminster Shorter Catechism

Children's Sunday School

PreKindergarten: (Axson Bldg., 1st Floor) First Catechism - Questions 14-28 with Mrs. Donna Parrish and Mrs. Dede Roberts
Kindergarten: (Axson Bldg., 1st Floor) First Catechism - Questions 14-28 with Mrs. Donna Taylor and Mrs. Sarah Miles
1st and 2nd Grade: (Axson Bldg., 3rd Floor, Room #33) First Catechism - Questions 58-108 with Mrs. Lauren Espinosa and Mrs. Nikki Gergacs
3rd and 4th Grade: (Axson Bldg., 3rd Floor, Room #32) First Catechism - Questions 58-108 with Mrs. Carol Dusek and Mrs. Kirstine Flanagan