Children's ministry

Jesus Said, "Let the little children come to Me..."

The Children’s Ministry at Independent Presbyterian Church is a vital ministry encompassing our four year olds through sixth grade. We offer grade segregated Sunday School classes that utilize an expository curriculum that moves children through the scriptures and foundations of our faith. Once every four years, we take a year to work with our children teaching them the Children’s Catechism (1st through 5th grades) and the Shorter Catechism (5th through 8th grades). All such classes are taught by member volunteers and I.P.C. pastors.
On Sundays, during the morning worship service, our younger children (ages four and five) are excused to attend a junior worship service. Member volunteers teach the children on a weekly basis the elements of our worship service to better prepare them to participate in church. In the evenings, our church is a busy place! While grades 2nd through 5th are working in our Chapel Choir, our youngest (four and five year olds) are participating in a “Story and Craft Time” program. Member volunteers take the children and read short stories to them while parents enjoy a weekly fellowship supper.

Memorization is encouraged, but not required at Independent Presbyterian Church. Our memorization program consists of three levels:
  • Level One – The Ten Commandments, Apostles’ Creed, and the Lord’s Prayer
  • Level Two – The Children’s Catechism
  • Level Three – The Shorter Catechism
Children work independently to master these levels and recite (word perfect) to the Children’s Director, elder, or pastors. Recognition in the worship service and appropriate gifts are given to each child for their accomplishment.

During the year, our children have the opportunity for fun and fellowship with three big events in the life of our church. In the spring, we host a pancake breakfast and egg hunt for all children the Saturday before Easter. It is a lovely event at our Point Pleasant campus with pancakes prepared by men of the church followed by a very large egg hunt on the grounds. In the fall, we host Fall Family Night which is scheduled each October 31st. Our downtown lawns are filled with games, candy, concessions, and fun! For a few hours children can play in a wholesome atmosphere and celebrate the autumn season. In December, our beloved Lessons and Carols service is held in the sanctuary. All choirs, including our youngest, participate in this beautiful worship service of music and readings. Afterwards a children’s buffet and playtime is offered for those hardworking participants.
The Independent Presbyterian Church is a wonderful place for young families to rear their children. We are a church with members from the very elderly to the very young. What a blessing for our children to benefit from the wisdom of the aged and the energy of our youth.

In the Fall of 2018, the Session adopted a Child and Youth Policy. You may read more about it here. Would you like to be involved or have further questions about this most vital ministry? Please do not hesitate to contact our church office at 912-236–3346.

Sunday morning

Sunday Evening



Nursery and Children's Sunday school for all ages.


Nursery for through age 3 years.


Nursery for through age 3.
Children's Church for age 4 and these children are dismissed during the morning worship service.
Nursery is available in the evening for children through age 3.
Chapel Choir rehearses in the Music room for grades 1 through 5.