Lessons & Carols Rehearsal

Hello musicians and parents of musicians,
I’ve heard from a couple of people that they could use a refresher on the exact schedule for our Lessons & Carols events over the coming days.
~ ~ ~
Hello friends,
Lessons & Carols is fast upon us! This year, the service is the PM service on Sunday, 12/17. For those new to our choirs, I’m glad you’re with us! Our custom is to have a long rehearsal the day before the service to put together final details, especially when more than one group sings together. In what follows, “Sunday School Choir” refers to the children who come to the choir room to sing as part of their regular Sunday school classes October through December; “Children’s Choir” refers to the group that practices on Sunday evenings during dinner.
Here are some final details. Please read carefully, as there are rather a lot of moving parts.

First, the schedule for our long rehearsal on Saturday, 12/16:
  • 9:00–9:30am: Sunday School Choir (=PreK through 2nd grade)
  • 9:15–10:10: Children’s Choir
  • 9:50–10:55 (or 11:35, optional): Youth Choir boys
  • 9:50–11:20 (or 11:35, optional): Youth Choir girls
  • 10:30–11:35: Adult Choir men
  • 10:55–11:35: Adult Choir women
  • 11:40–12:40ish: Handbell Choir
You’ll note that there are some overlapping times: that is as it should be, since some groups sing together. Everyone meets in the sanctuary, so if you need to pick up folders from the choir room, please arrive early to do that in advance of your scheduled time. Sunday School Choir children do not need folders unless they are also in Children’s Choir.

Next, the schedule for Sunday afternoon, 12/17:
  • Handbell Choir: 4:15–4:40 in the balcony
  • Youth/Adult choirs: 4:40–5:05 in the choir room
  • Everyone else: please be in your seats by 5:10pm
  • Handbell prelude begins approximately 5:17.

For Lessons & Carols on Sunday, December 17 evening,
The dress code for everyone under age 18:
  • White or light (off-white, cream, etc.) tops with black or dark (grey, navy, etc.) bottoms. More specifically, that means...
    • ...for boys: white or light shirt with black or dark pants. No jackets or ties.
    • ... for girls: white or light shirt with black or dark skirt OR white or light cardigan over black or dark dress.
Adult Choir and Handbell Choir, just dress as you would for a Sunday morning: you won’t ever be at the front of the church, so uniformity isn’t necessary, but it’s nice if we can elevate a bit from a typical Sunday evening.
Parent presence during rehearsal and service: I have all the “official” volunteers I need, but extra parent presence never hurts: so if you’re around and willing to stay in the sanctuary through the Sunday School/Children’s Choir practice times, the more the merrier. Likewise for the service: if a couple of moms or dads are willing to sit at the ends of rows, that can help keep things orderly.

With many blessings on your Christmas season,