Welcome: New Children's Program Coordinator

For this past year, Barbara Rustine provided our Children's Sunday School program with leadership and a new direction. She has established a rotation for teachers. No longer does one volunteer for a quarter and find oneself expected to teach for a lifetime. She has also established an essential teacher training program that prepares teachers for their tasks. No longer are teachers handed a curriculum booklet and encouraged just to get on with it. She committed to the position of director for a year and we are honoring her by keeping our end of this bargain. We are thankful for the leadership she provided and the path she has paved for future participants in our children's programs.

With much joy, we wish to let you know that Lucy Biemiller has accepted the role of Children's Program Coordinator. The Biemillers have been members since 2012. Lucy will be finishing up this school year as the Fine Arts Coordinator at Savannah Christian Preparatory School while sharing this responsibility alongside Barbar starting April 1. On June 1, Barbara will step down and the job will be all Lucy's! However, she will not be flying solo as she has the church staff and her church family alongside her.

Lucy is the 6th generation "Lucy" in her family. Her favorite passage of Scripture is Psalm 37:3-6. Lucy comes with considerable experience in children's education, having directed the Sunday School and VBS in previous churches. She also has two advanced university degrees in education. We look forward to our children receiving the benefits of her passion to see them grow in the grace, fear, and knowledge of Jesus as their Lord and Savior.