2022 Fall Quarter Sunday School

Garmer Sunday School

Teacher: Bruce Willson Age: 70's+ Room: Garmer Room (Axson, 3rd Floor) Subject: "2 Timothy" A person’s most important words are often their last words, especially when they are spoken to a family member or a dear friend. Such is the case with the Apostle Paul’s words to his beloved protege, Timothy, in his final letter, 2 Timothy. Come and join us as we journey through this precious message and find applications for the church and for ourselves.

Agape Sunday School

Teacher: Terry Johnson Age: late 50's-60's+ Room: Agape Room (Axson, 3rd Floor) Subject: "The Piety of the Psalms (Part III)" We will look at the way in which the Psalms function to shape the spiritual outlook, the "piety," to use the older word, of Christians.

Emmaus Sunday School

Teacher: Oli Simmons Age: 40's/50's+ Room: Emmaus Room (Admin Bldg., 2nd Floor) Subject: "The History of English Puritanism: from its Edwardsian Beginnings up to the Westminster Assembly"
We will study who the Puritans were, and how their story developed over the course of various monarchs' reigns. What did the Puritans seek to accomplish and live for? What was the character of their Christianity and how were they impacted by the seismic changes that happened within their lifetimes? We ask these questions for a greater end: to find out how our lives today might be enriched by a deeper appreciation for and learning from these former saints, known otherwise as "the godly."

Berean Sunday School

Teacher: Will Keyton Age: 30's/40's+ Room:  Berean Room (Axson, 3rd Floor) Subject: "The Nicene Creed", What is the Nicene Creed? Where did it come from? Why do we need it? Why have creeds at all? Join us as we give in-depth study to this treasure of the Christian tradition and seek to not only know it more deeply but to enrich our own faith and daily walk with Christ.

New Covenant Sunday School

Teacher: Paul Rodgers Age: mid-20's/30's Room: Whitaker Building (4th Floor) Subject: "Training in Godliness", In 1 Timothy 4:7, a believer is charged to “train yourself to be godly.” Godliness is not realized by passivity.  Training oneself from a gospel-centered paradigm of the Christian life is not restrictive or legalistic but rather liberating and transformative.  The training of the artist or the athlete allows them to perform the excellencies of their craft with the freedom of the instinctual, making it appear as natural. Godliness is not natural to us. We must train ourselves using various disciplines of grace to attain the spiritual maturity of Christlike character. We will study disciplines of grace under the headings of Disciplines of the Soul, Disciplines of Character, Disciplines of Relationships and Disciplines of Ministry, using teachings from R. Kent Hughes, Donald S. Whitney and Jerry Bridges as guides.

College Sunday School

Teacher: Evan Gear Age: Undergraduate Aged Room: Admin Bldg. (2nd Floor, Room 72) Subject: "The Life of David"David: a boy, a shepherd, a mighty warrior, a great king, a murderer, an adulterer, a failing father, a poor example of a husband... his life is the summation of the glory and the tragedy of humanity. From his pen we learn to sing and from his life we learn true repentance and what it means to receive and rest in the Savior, his son.

Children's Sunday School

  • PreK: (Axson Bldg, 1st Floor) God Leads His People with Miss Linden Helmly & Mrs. Allison Kelly
  • Kindergarten: (Axson Bldg, 1st Floor) God Leads His People with Mrs. Abigail Shaw & Mrs. Amy Orellana
  • 1st and 2nd Grade: (Whitaker Bldg, 1st Floor) Obeying God with Mrs. Sue Hinely & Mrs. Bev Van Grouw
  • 3rd and 4th Grade: (Whitaker Bldg, 1st Floor) God’s Grace in the Law with Mr. Kenneth and Mrs. Sarah Crowe
  • 5th Grade: (Whitaker Bldg,, 2nd Floor) Exodus - Ruth Survey with Mr. Roy Thompson & Mr. Charlie Martin