2022 Spring Quarter Sunday School

Our Spring Sunday school quarter begins March 6. We offer Sunday school for all ages and there are signs located around campus when you arrive indicating where you can find the age-appropriate class for you and your family. If you have questions prior to visiting, please contact the church office where any of our staff can assist you.

Garmer Sunday School Class

Teacher: Tim Foster Age: 70's+ Room: Garmer Room (Axson, 3rd Floor) Subject: Apocalypse Now: Studies from the Book of Revelation Readers of the Book of Revelation often approach it as a puzzle to solve or a code to crack. But its message is for ordinary people, not just academics or prophecy buffs. Revelation is preeminently a book about Jesus Christ, the triumphant Lamb. The book presents a powerful visual portrayal of Jesus’ promise in Matthew 16:18 — “I will build my church.” Its stunning images and symbols are designed to overwhelm us with the power of the risen Christ, to show us that he is almighty, changeless, and invincible, and that nothing will stop him from fulfilling his promise to utterly defeat evil.

Agape Sunday School Class

Teacher: Terry Johnson/Kenneth Crowe Age: late 50's - 60's Room: Axson, 3rd Floor
Dr. Johnson's Subject: We will look at the way in which the Psalms function to shape the spiritual outlook, the “piety,” to use the older word, of Christians.
Mr. Crowe's Subject: The Covenants — J.I. Packer said, “The gospel of God is not properly understood until it is viewed within a covenantal framework.”  Covenant Theology is a distinctive of the Reformed faith and helps provide unity to the teachings of the entire Bible.  This framework has implications for how Christians understand the atonement, assurance of salvation, the sacraments, and the dynamic of God’s sovereignty and our human responsibility in living out the Christian life. In this class, we will do a survey of the Biblical covenants to see how God has graciously chosen to interact with his people throughout redemptive history.

Emmaus Sunday School Class

Teacher: Evan Gear Age: 40's/50's Room: Admin Bldg., 2nd Floor Subject: Ezra - The exiled people finally return to their land. Their hope is fulfilled or is it? What happens when reality fails to live up to the dream? How should we react when our hopes and dreams turn out to be just more of the same?What does an exiled people returning to their land have to do with us? Does the book of Ezra speak of Christ? Of his church? If so, how? It is these questions and more that we will seek to answer as we study together this often overlooked book.

Berean Sunday School Class

Teacher: Tim Shaw Age: 30's/40's Room: Axson, 3rd Floor  Subject: I Samuel - What are we supposed to see from the rise of Samuel and the fall of Eli? Why does Samuel oppose the establishment of the monarchy? What are we to see in the rise and fall of Saul? Coming out of the age of the Judges where “everyone does what is right in their own eyes,” what are the circumstances that lead to the people of God flourishing? We will find application for our own day where a similar ethics of autonomy reigns.

New Covenant Sunday School Class

Teacher: Dennis Boatright Age: 20's/30's Room: Whitaker Bldg. (4th Floor) Subject: "The Micah Mandate" - Micah prophesied for 20 to 25 years during the reigns of Judean kings Jotham, Ahaz and Hezekiah (750687BC) and his message focused on judgment and forgiveness.  In this book we see the Lord, the Judge who scatters his people for their sins, is also the Shepherd-King who in covenant faithfulness gathers, protects, and forgives his people. The Micah Mandate found in chapter 6 verse 8 reminds us that we are called to live a balanced life that focuses on acting justly, loving mercy, and walking humbly with our God.  Our objective during the study of Micah and the Mandate will be to refocus our day to day living on a balanced life.

College Sunday School Class

Teacher: Paul Rodgers Age: Undergraduate Aged Room: Admin Bldg. (2nd Floor, Room 72) Subject: Ecclesiastes — “Vanity of vanities,” says the Preacher, in the second verse of the book of Ecclesiastes. Who is the Preacher? What is vanity? Why does it matter to me? These are a few of the questions that we will address as we study this short, yet memorable, book of the Old Testament.