(For a current list of College through Adult Sunday school class subjects, click here)

Class NameDescriptionBuildingRoom Number
Inquirers' ClassDesigned to introduce you to the history, doctrine, practice, and people of our church.AxsonTelfair Hall
Garmer70+AxsonRoom 30
Agape60'sAxsonRoom 32
Emmaus50'sAdministrationRoom 71 (large meeting room)
Berean40'sAxsonRoom 31
New CovenantPost-College age through 30'sWhitaker4th Floor
CollegeCollege-agedAdministrationRoom 72 (overlooks Chippewa)
High School9th - 12th GradeWhitaker3rd Floor
Middle School)6th - 8th GradeWhitaker2nd Floor
5th Grade5th GradeWhitaker2nd Floor
3rd/4th Grade3rd and 4th GradeWhitaker1st Floor
1st/2nd Grade1st and 2nd GraadeWhitaker1st Floor
KindergartenChildren who are in Kindergarten this school yearAxsonRoom 10
4 Year OldsChildren who are 4 during the school yearAxsonRoom 11
3 Year OldsChildren who are 3 during the school yearAxsonRoom 28
2 Year OldsChildren who are 2 during the school yearAxsonRoom 25
Crawlers/WalkersChildren under 2 years of age who are crawling and walkingAxsonRoom 27
InfantsAxsonRoom 26
Class NameDescriptionBuildingRoom Number