Terry Johnson
Senior Minister

Since 1987

Terry's Resources
Ron Parrish
Associate Minister

Since 1996

Tim Foster
Associate Minister

Since 2009

Tim Shaw
Assistant Minister

Since 2017

Evan Gear
Assistant Minister


Josh Espinosa
Director of Administration
Jane Boatright
Director of Nursery & WOC President
Frankie Daniell
Director of Camps and Missions Outreach
Amy Martin
Director of Children's Program
Paul Rodgers
Director of Youth and Family
Kathryn Van Eck
Director of Music

Intern/Fellowship Program

Melwin Isaac
Pastoral Intern
Melwin Issac "Melvin" came to us in the summer of 2019. He is a graduate of the Greenville Presbyterian Theological Seminary (Greenville, SC) and is working towards licensure in the Orthodox Presbyterian Church denomination.

Support Staff

Josh Corbitt
Rachel Garnett
Youth Assistant
Twannala Frazier
Molly Elizabeth Gibson
Office Assistant
Karen Hansill
Senior Minister's Secretary
Maria Martinez
Financial Secretary
Lisa Perry
Maggie Taylor