Sunday School: May-August, 2021

Sunday School Summer 2021 First Nine Weeks (May 2-June 27)

Teacher: Terry Johnson Room: Telfair Hall
Teacher: Ed Forrester Age: 70's+ Room: Garmer Room (Axson, 3rd Floor) Subject: The Epistle of Colossians. Beware lest anyone cheat you through philosophy and empty deceit and not according to Christ. The world with its culture influences the church. It preaches “another Gospel” which diminishes the all-sufficiency of the mediation of Christ between God and man. This predictably elevates man and diminishes the “preeminence” of Christ. Paul writes to warn the Colossians of this heresy.
Teacher: Tim Foster Age: 60's Room: Agape Room (Axson, 3rd Floor) SUBJECT: The Book of Daniel. The Book of Daniel tells us how we can be faithful to God and thrive in a hostile environment. How do we stand firm when everyone is against us? This book explains how the believer can be fruitful in unfavorable circumstances. It teaches principles for singing the Lord’s song in a strange land (Psalm 137:4).
Teacher: Paul Rodgers/Alex Sutherland/Jake Busch Age: 50's Room: Emmaus Room (Admin, 2nd Floor) SUBJECT: Repentance. The First Word of the Gospel: Repentance. Over several weeks we will examine repentance from the Why, What, How, Biblical models and lastly a controversial current topic regarding it.
Teacher: Kenneth Crowe Age: 40's Room: Berean Room (Axson, 3rd Floor) SUBJECT: The Covenants. J. I. Packer said, “The gospel of God is not properly understood until it is viewed within a covenantal framework.” Covenant Theology is a distinctive of the Reformed faith and helps provide unity to the teachings of the entire Bible. This framework has implications for how Christians understand the atonement, assurance of salvation, the sacraments, and the dynamic of God’s sovereignty and our human responsibility in living out the Christian life. In this class, we will do a survey of the Biblical covenants to see how God has graciously chosen to interact with his people throughout redemptive history.
Teacher: Tim Shaw Age: 20's/30's Room: 4th Floor (Whitaker Bldg.) SUBJECT: Questions for Christianity. Each week we will address a common question facing Christianity in a secular age. “Does Christianity subjugate women, condone slavery, create homophobes, or transphobes?” Please join us as we discuss these important topics.
Teacher: Evan Gear Age: Undergraduate Aged Room: Room 72 (Admin, 2nd Floor) SUBJECT: The Book of Esther. Esther is a great story, full of heroism and the hidden working of God throughout. But is there more? And what can we learn from this book for our own walk of faith? We will answer these questions as we make our way together through Esther over the next nine weeks.

Sunday School Summer 2021 Second Nine Weeks (July 4-August 29)

Teacher: Ed Forrester Age: 70's+ Room: Garmer Room (Axson, 3rd Floor) Subject:
Teacher: Tim Foster Age: 60's Room: Axson, 3rd Floor Subject:
Teacher: ? Age: 50's Room: Admin Bldg., 2nd Floor Subject: ?
Teacher: ? Age: 40's Room: Axson, 3rd Floor Subject: ?
Teacher: Tim Shaw Age: 20's/30's Room: Whitaker Bldg. (4th Floor) Subject:
Teacher: ? Age: Undergraduate Aged Room: Admin Bldg. (2nd Floor, Room 72) Subject:
Children’s Sunday School

For the month of May only, all classes are doing Faith Expedition – God’s Treasure Revealed, published by Great Commission. 

  • PreK-Kindergarten: Linden Helmly
  • 1st-2nd grade: Sue Hinely
  • 3rd-4th grade: Bev Van Grouw
  • 5th grade: Frank and Amy Orellana

The quarterly schedule will resume in June with the Summer series: 

Nursery During Sunday School – May
  • Infants- Miranda G. and Donna P.
  • Crawler/Walkers- Tricia B. and Liz B.
  • Two Year Olds- Doug and Denise W.
  • Three Year Olds- Karen H. and Anna G.