State of the Church During the Pandemic

(last updated on October 1, 2020)

Our services remain at 9:00AM and 11:00AM for our morning worship. In the evening, our service begins at 5:15PM with corporate hymn-singing then at 5:30PM for our worship service. Our evening programs have resumed with our fellowship supper, chapel choir and student ministry programs following the worship hour.

Please be informed on Governor Kemp’s recent Executive Order providing additional guidance for Empowering a Healthy Georgia in response to COVID-19 as well as Chatham County’s Executive Order and the Mayor of Savannah’s Executive Order.

As for masks, though we are not requiring masks to be worn within our facilities, when you exit our building and are in public space, the City of Savannah Executive Order and Chatham County’s Executive Order now require a face mask/covering to be worn. Our governor’s encouragement is to wear your face mask or covering. Within our facilities and walking to our food service line, if you cannot maintain social distance, please respect others and wear a face mask/covering.

As a reminder of we urge that each person use good judgment in connection with his own health and that of his family. We recommend extra caution for those who are classified as at-risk, and perhaps waiting a bit longer before returning to services. Those who have been exposed to the virus should remain sheltered in place. Those who wish to minimize the risks are encouraged to continue to worship with us online.

No part of this world is risk-free. Neither will our services be risk-free. However, the following safeguards will be in place:

  • Seating in every other pew (providing 6 ft. 9 in. between pews)
  • Wiping down pews after each service
  • Alternating pews for each service
  • Stationary collection plates
  • Orderly entering and exiting of the buildings
  • Hymnals and pew Bibles removed
  • Complete bulletins provided
  • Georgia Guidelines for food service are being followed
  • Georgia Guidelines for seating during a meal are being followed