What if?

What if everything; the whole purpose of your life, all your aspirations, all your plans, all your hopes and dreams, your ups, your downs; every moment, every heartbeat, each breath – inhale… exhale… What if, what if all of it was over?

What if your purpose, as you understand it, your dreams as you have dreamed them, died?

Well, that is exactly what happened when Jesus was crucified. In him all of humanity died. Everything was there finished – the dark underbelly of our race and its horrors as well as the high, soaring hope of all our most noble accomplishments. All of it bound up in that one man, and that one man pierced and dying, now dead. And with him all of us.

If that were true, and it is, then wouldn’t that change our perspectives? How might we then live? How might we dream?

Certainly it would be different.

And again if, after three days, that same man rose from death?