Catechism and Confession

The catechizing of children is the historic method that has been employed by Presbyterian churches for the instruction of covenant children since the time of the Reformation.  The catechism format is that of question and answer:
            Q.  What is the chief end of man?
            A.  Man’s chief end is to glorify God and to enjoy Him forever.
This system committed to memory, covering the whole scheme of Christian theology, is the tested and proven means of transmitting the content of our faith to our children.
Every 4th year, we take the opportunity during our 9:30 hour to provide for our first through twelfth graders a season of learning a catechism or confession for 9-12 months. During the Sunday School hour, we will provide an intensive catechism class for 1st – 4th grades (Children’s Catechism) and  5th  – 8th grades (Westminster Shorter Catechism) while our 9th – 12th grades will be taught the Westminster Confession of Faith. We encourage our children and their parents to enthusiastically join in this endeavor to learn the Catechisms and to study the Confession in this coming year.
1st-4th Grades: We utilize the Children’s Catechism curriculum offered by Great Commission Publications.
5th-8th Grades: The Senior Minister utilizes his own knowledge and experience to catechize the children weekly. The schedule for this class is here.
9th-12th Grades: The teachers for this class are working through a study of their own. In the past, the Officer Training curriculum, developed by the Senior Minister, was utilized.

Expositions on the Shorter Catechism

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