Stewardship Season

October is our Stewardship Season month. We will hear testimony on stewardship on a couple of Sundays and be given opportunity to return our pledge cards. We also make available the ability to pledge online by completing this form or if you need a new pledge card, please contact the church office, 236-3346 or

In additional to receiving gifts during the collection on Sunday and receiving gifts through regular mail service, contributions to I.P.C. may be done electronically:

  1. Debit/Credit Card: these may be used for tithes or offerings, memorials, giving to a specific fund, etc.
  2. Drafts/Electronic Check: Drafts may be authorized for the church to automatically draft our checking account at specific times you set up.

Click here to Give

You will be taken to AccessACS Electronic Giving page to have your donation processed.

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